David Osmar has been a musician in hobby and trade for most of his life; starting on drums at age 5, then guitar at 15 years old. With more than 40 years in music, he has the experience and understanding to help you succeed in the music business.


At 17, David joined the USAF and won numerous talent shows and was in the USAF Showcase leading up to Tops in Blue in 1982-1984 where he toured Europe with his own original band, "Aura" playing to 1500+ seat theaters and auditoriums.  Though music has always been his driving passion, after the Air Force, David settled in Texas as a Sr. Computer Systems Engineer and GS-13 with the D.O.D.  He has held many different positions including; Multi-Star-awarded Chef of his own restaurant, Sr. Project Manager, and Customer Relationship Manager. 


David is currently the Principal at AIM-Artist Integrity Management at Studio-G. What sets David and his company apart from the herd is he truly cares about the artist and helping that artist achieve whatever his/her heart desires, above all else.

"If you want your music career to be big business, you have to run it like a big business."

- David Osmar

Proud supporter of American Federation of Musicians

Gina G, Drummer

Not your average musician, at age 6, Gina received her first kit and soon played in the band at a 5000 member mega church.  Now, 17 she has played over 600 live performances, recorded in Nashville, Austin,  and L.A.  Played the Center Stage at NAMM 2016, done studio work with musicians all over the world, including Australia.
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Robert “Scooby” Willis, Drummer

Robert "Scooby" Willis, is a native of Atlanta and  is the drummer/percussionist for Kharisma Jazzmatic Funk, Good Company, Atlanta Allstars, and 3D Church.  Scooby has sxplosive grooves, and dynamic pocket patterns to groove and move you.  He has a very positive attitude and has been in the business for two decades. 

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Joseph Hernandez, Drummer
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Growing up in a musical family in San Francisco, CA in the Mission District, Joseph lived two houses away from the great Santana family. Joseph believes that drumming come from the inner part of your soul that GOD gives you, but on top of that craftsmanship of the tools of the trade are of the upmost importance.  Joseph has toured nationwide and internationally, and is in high demand.

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